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Al-Khobar Housing – Khobar Corniche – Al-Kubri Road, Golden Belt – Al-Rakka District – Khalidiya Dammam – Dammam University – Al Aqrabiyah – Doha Al-Dana – Aramco – Dhahran Road – King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals – Al-Thuqbah-Sanna-Al-Azizia Half-Moon Beach-Abu Hadriya Road-Eastern Region.


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افضل خدمة سحب الخبر

The best towing service

If you are looking for best, lowest rate and professional car towing service. Please contact us: 0553035214 - 0599628744 - 0553035214



24 ساعة الانتعاش

24 hours of towing service

Towing Service is available 24 hours and you know we can help you at any time. Please contact on following numbers: 0553035214 - 0599628744 - 0553035214



خدمة موثوقة شاحنات السحب

Reliable Towing Service

We offer fast and reliable response to emergency rehabilitation in Khobar, Dammam Dhahran, contact us on the number: 0553035214 - 0599628744 - 0553035214



خدمة سحب السيارات

Vehicle Towing

we can tow or transport any vehicle. we have the necessary equipment and expertise to pull all types of cars and motorcycles, 4×4 cars, trucks and buses and pickup trucks. Contact us on the number: 0553035214



خدمة سحب عرضية

Accidental Towing Service

God saves everyone from the accident. But if you have some incidents of roads you want to move the vehicle, bus or pick-up truck, you will also quickly to your vehicle moves to your favorite destination. Contact Us: 0553035214 - 0599628744 - 0553035214.



الية النقل

Machinery Transportation

With a massive fleet of Tow Trucks ranging from 1 tonne to 2.5 tonnes,heavy haulage trucks, spread decks and mega tilts we can transport anything up to 2.5 tonnes.We are able to tow and transport building equipment. Please call us: 0553035214 - 0599628744 - 0553035214


24 Hours towing service

We have Towing Vehicles are ready to serve you 24 hours 7 days a week. Our trucks feature GPS locators for the fastest response times possible.

خدمة 24 ساعه سطــــحة الخبر


Emergency Al Khobar Towing Please call us


Three Reasons to

Why choose us

If you are looking for quality towing service in Al khober, Al Dhahran and Al Dammam, we do best. We are a family company has been in service since many years.


Emergency Ready

You may feel that a car emergency in the middle of the night impossible issue is difficult to deal with. Don’t worry, we are here, you can rely on us a bad situation better. The service our top priority.

Seasoned Team

That every truck towing the vehicle operators like themselves. Careful transport vehicle, regardless of the age, or the requirement to ensure that no damage occurs during transport.

Affordable Price

We transport motorcycles, buses, pick-up, and trucks. Give us a call we will give you the best price

لماذا تختار سطــــحة الخبرلماذا تختار سطــــحة الخبرلماذا تختار سطــــحة الخبر


Get the state of emergency

Do you want to transfer your سطحة Are you the road now and you need a car to transport your vehicle have reached the right place, we stay non-OPINIONATED سطحات were present in all parts of the Khobar, Dhahran and Dammam, we transfer the broken-down cars immediately سطحات everywhere, when you contact us we will send you the nearest to your location, سطحة Mobile No. 0553035214 سطحة, don’t worry wherever you will send you to the surface immediately, and fast..

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